My sweet littles

My sweet littles

Cy and Lila

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Monday, October 27, 2008


Travis and I have some very exciting news to share...WE'RE EXPECTING!!!!! We decided to go ahead and share the news since most of our friends were made aware of our little secret ...thanks to a mass text message sent by an overly-enthusiastic new papa (Travis) following our first sonogram. We are both completely overjoyed and exceedingly thankful for this amazing blessing....Thank you, Lord. Our pregnancy is going great...we received an excellent report following our sonogram. The baby is healthy, has a strong heartbeat and appears to be growing properly! Travis and I are expecting our sweet nugget around the first part of June. My due date is June 6th. As an added sister-in-law, Cassie is also pregnant- we are four short weeks apart!! God is Good!!! Our sincere thanks to so many of you who have included us in your thoughts and prayers. We are truly blessed & would appreciate continued prayers for the healthy development of our little miracle!

Baby Epperson @ 6 wks gestation w/ yolk sac

(which nourishes baby until placenta forms) attached.

Our sweet little bean's heartbeat...the two bright dots that the arrow is pointing to!!!

God has truly granted the desire of my heart!