My sweet littles

My sweet littles

Cy and Lila

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Lila Grace is 10 Months Old...

Our sweet, Lila is now 10 months old & SO much fun! Travis and I have loved getting to see more and more of her personality expressed every day. Our precious baby girl has the best temperament. I've said it many times, but she is so content, easy going & happy! We just couldn't ask for a better little girl! Here are a few new milestones that Lila is working on.

~She's not walking yet, but is ever so close to taking those memorable first steps. She cruises around everything, walks the radio flyer wagon & can just almost stand up from sitting by herself! Way to go, Lila!
~Is quite the babbler & thinks her big brother is just hilarious. They have these precious, little conversations with each other.
~Loves table food. Bananas, string cheese, lunch meat & yogurt are her favorites. She is NOT a fan of mash potatoes & is becoming increasingly picky with her baby food concoctions. Can't say that I blame her.
~Lila Grace goes to bed at 7pm & usually, I have to wake her up in the morning around 8:30am! Such a great sleeper! Her AM nap usually starts around 10 & PM at 2.
~She waves bye-bye, shakes her head "No", & says "Mama" & "Lila".
~She loves to clap for herself, play peek-a-boo, & be bounced.
~Lila now has a grand total of 5 teeth. (lower lats & centrals & UR central). The UL central is very close to coming in.
~She can crawl FAST & pretty much spends most of her day following Cy around.
~She drinks 3 bottles a day for breakfast, lunch & dinner...about 24 oz.
~Loves to play on pillows. She just loves the way they feel. She'll climb on them a bit then lay her head down & enjoy the cute!
~Wearing Size 3.5 shoes & 9-12 month clothes.
~Enjoys the great outdoors. Lila loves to swing, & be pushed in her car or the stroller.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So Long To Summer...

Here are some photos from September as the Eppersons bid adieu to Summer and welcome cooler weather & all the joys that accompany favorite season!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend at LBJ...

We had a fabulous time at lake LBJ with my family over Labor Day Weekend. The kids swam, played with water balloons, fished, kayaked, rode in the boat & just greatly enjoyed quality time with their cousins, Gramps & Mimi, and even the great-grands.

Lila Grace after her first hair trim...just straightened up the front and back a bit. :)

This girl loves her Papa!

Fun with Ethan...

Filling water balloons...


Fishing with Papa...

Got one!!!

First Catch...

Cal & Hattie (9 months)

...and first ride in a kayak

Great Catch!!!

Cutest toddler on the planet!!!