My sweet littles

My sweet littles

Cy and Lila

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 month old!!!

How can our sweet baby boy be one month old?!? The past 4 weeks since his birth have been the most amazing, exhausting & memorable days of my life! Cy is a wonderful baby....a hungry little guy lately (eating about every 2 hrs pretty consistently), but none the less a sweet baby! I truly cherish our special time together during feedings- even our rendezvous @ 3 am. because I know that he will pass through this stage all too quickly. I'm just trying to enjoy every single moment with our son- he is truly a gift from God and answer to so many prayers. What an incredible blessing to get to be a mommy!!!

I'm including some pictures from Cy & Ellie's first photo shoot together (a gift for their Gran for her birthday). Ellie is now 10 weeks old! I'll also add some updated pics of miss Joey who is quite a sweetheart & doing great.

Cassie & Ellie

Ellie- 9 weeks / Cy- 3 weeks

Joey Madison- 1 week old

Joey & Daddy


Winter Wonderland said...

I can't believe it's been a month already! Time really does fly, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I love the ones with you and Cy; they're priceless! What a great gift, I bet Gran thought it was the best gift ever. :)

Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Great pics. Cy is looking great and healthy!!

Hattie said...

Those pictures are so wonderful!

Jaime said...

All the babies are so precious! I can speak from experience to tell you what a huge BLESSING it is to have cousins so close in age!! Life is just going to get more and more fun for you guys as you watch these little ones grow together.