My sweet littles

My sweet littles

Cy and Lila

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Cy is 4!

Our sweet boy turned 4 the end of May!!!  For some reason watching Cy turn 4 was hard for this mama to swallow!  He has grown up so much in the past year.  To celebrate our little crime fighter's birthday, we had a super hero themed photo session.


 Here are some of the fun milestones he is accomplishing & a few of his favorite things as a big four year old.

~ As mentioned above, Cy loves all things super hero.  We redecorated his bedroom with a Spider
Man theme for his birthday.  He is in costume & character 90% of the time these days!
~ He has officially dropped his afternoon nap.  Bed time is normally between 8:30 & 9, and he is bright-eyed & bushy tailed around 8am.
~ Our boy is also a big fan of dinosaurs.
~ We have officially been welcomed into the world of teeny tiny legos.  Cy is so analytical, patient & precise.  He loves building with legos & really enjoys the challenge of the smaller variety.
~ He is wearing size 4-5 clothes, & a size 9.5 shoe.
~ Cy says the funniest little phrases, some of my recent favorites are:
  • "Mom we've got a tail...that means that someone is driving close behind us;"
  • "Mom, you're a really great mom, but you're just not a very good driver."  (because Travis gives me a hard time about not being a good driver!)
  • "Lila, this attitude that you are throwing at mom and me just has to go!" (after his little sister woke up a bit grumpy from her nap)
~ He loves puzzles, games, & learning on
~ He & Lila love Saturday morning trips to get donuts with Papa.
~ Some of his favorite foods are pancakes, donuts, tilapia (both of my kids really love the Orlando's tilapia/pasta plate), chocolate pudding, Sheridans chocolate custard with M&Ms & gummy worms, raw carrots with ranch dressing (had to throw a healthy snack that he enjoys in there), Chic-Fil-A nuggets, mac & cheese,  Hub City hot wings, fried shrimp & Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits.
~ Cy still enjoys jumping on the bed with Papa in the evenings & showing him all of his gymnastic tricks.  He can crab crawling, wheel barrow, front roll, jump, hop, do assisted handstands, climb the monkey bars, etc.  His hand & upper body strength has really developed considerably over the past several months.
~ Our handsome fella loves to ride his Gator ride on & pretend to farm.  He adores his Gramps, & enjoys spending time with him riding the tractor, Big Red, or taking trips to Lamesa to visit Gebos.
~ He is so excited to start "hunting" with Papa this Fall.
~ Cy is quite the jokester.  Some of his favorites are:
  • "What kind of dog has the cleanest hair?...a shampoodle"
  • "What does an elephant fly? elliecopter"
  • "When does a cow eat popcorn? the moooo-vies"