My sweet littles

My sweet littles

Cy and Lila

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Boy Haircut...

Cy had his first big boy haircut today. Well, actually, my sweet friend, Nancy, trimmed the top locks a bit a few months ago, but this was his first full service haircut...clippers and all! Because I didn't expect to have free hands to take pictures with, I neglected to bring the camera, but I did get a few shots of the finished product. Cy behaved beautifully, sitting all by himself on the booster seat, relatively still, for the big event....momma was so proud!

And a few random pics that I've taken recently...
Cy loves his Radio Flyer Walker Wagon, a Christmas gift from Mamaw & Papaw.

Showing off those big blue eyes during bath time.

Cy's 1st Valentine's Day gift from Momma & Poppa...

...and a fun surprise from Gramps and Mimi.


myra said...

What a cutie!